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Gangplank in Chandler, Arizona offers „Free Coworking“

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Many people think that „Free Coworking“ is just an idea. No!!! There are already places that offer „Free Coworking“!!! One of them is Gangplank in Chandler (Arizona). One very important contributor to finance „Gangplank“ is the council of Chandler: „Gangplank is a meeting place available to anyone interested in working in an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. It offers free conference rooms and a large area where individuals can participate in mentoring sessions and listen to regularly scheduled brown bag lunch speakers. The City’s partnership with Gangplank entails an exchange of subsidized office space for new technological developments that benefit the community. It is a forward thinking partnership meant to encourage other innovative developments in our downtown.“

Sarah Cox visits the „Free Coworking“ Space Gangplank in Chandler, Arizona

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Sarah Cox, Coworking Space Operations Manager of Cospace in Austin Texas went to visit Gangplank in Chandler, Arizona. Here is what she experienced:

I visited Gangplank on Friday [10th of February 2012] since my husband and I were travelling and both needed somewhere to work. And holy [… ;-)] : it is amazing.

One thing that I really loved about the free coworking is that it really lowers the barrier to entry. Anyone can come in and work, and seeing it in action just proved to me how this leads to a vibrant community.

„Free Coworking“: Reply to Jay Thomas (Coworking Space Operator)

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First of all a big thank you to Jay for his great comment and very valuable points concerning the introduction of „Free Coworking“ in an already running coworking space!!! I am taking the unusual step to reply to his comment in a blog article, because I believe many people are interested to join the discussion.

Free Coworking Directory

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Here you find – in alphabetical order of 1. Country and 2. City – a worldwide overview of all coworking spaces that currently offer free coworking.  This directory is kept up to date by our editorial staff.

If you are an operator or user of a coworking space that offers or intends to offer free coworking but has not been listed yet, please use our free input form. The output appears on this form and later on the map. If you like a transfer of your entry to this editorial list, please contact us . Thank you!

Cat Johnson interviewed leaders of the Free Coworking movement for „Shareable“

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Two years after Beth Buczynski´s article where she interviewed me on Free Coworking, Cat Johnson was interested to know how the Free Coworking movement has developed since April, 3rd 2012. She interviewed the people that have really made a mark for Free Coworking: Lori Kane (from Collective Self in Seattle), Derek Neighbors (Co-founder of Gangplank in Arizona), Ronald van den Hoff (Co-founder of Seats2meet) and myself, Felix Schürholz (Editor CoWorking News).