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Human library: „Check out“ your fellow coworker

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Public libraries in Toronto and Copenhagen do it, so Coworking Spaces can do it as well. Reading in the human library. Of course this process of exchange and knowledge transfer is one of the backbones of coworking. It is taking place in every coworking space whenever two coworkers meet and exchange ideas, but it hasn´t got a name and is not formalized. To me, there is no harm in doing just that. Have a check on the number of daily visitors to the human library of your coworking space and you get a pretty good idea how well your community is working. Have you got a process in place at your coworking space which is just doing that? Let us know.

Barcamp „Funky Business“ Berlin from 28th Nov until 4th Dec 2011

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The idea according to the organizers: „Imagine all new business in the world would be created in the context of and supporting global social, ecological, political and economic change.“ – „We are building the infrastructure that allows us to experience the change we see in the world.“ – „At the Bar Camp from Nov. 28th until Dec. 04th 2011 we will use interactive methods for crowd-intelligence, pool collective knowledge, initiate joined projects and create a new form of collaboration.“ – „Come and be part of the change you want to see in the world.“

Trends in der Berichterstattung über Coworking in Deutschland und den USA

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Die Berichterstattung  ist in diesem Fall, Deutschland (Otto zieht es ins Betahaus, Spiegel Online bzw. Manager Magazin), wie so häufig, etwas distanziert. Man spürt, hier trifft eine etablierte Kultur auf etwas, was sie noch nicht greifen kann. Anders, als die Firma Regus, in den USA, mit ihrer Pressemitteilung vom 7. November 2011, wie der Artikel von Small Business Labs fundiert erläutert. Hier macht man sich einfach „das Neue“ zu eigen, um selbst „Neu“ zu erscheinen. Meiner Meinung nach ist Coworking jedoch weder hier, noch dort, im Mainstream wirklich angekommen. Dies hat weniger mit der Berichterstattung zu tun, die in den USA vielleicht grundsätzlich etwas offener und optimistischer ist, als bei uns. Vielmehr sind die Produkte und Dienstleistungen der Coworker für den Mainstream bisher nicht sichtbar. Zum anderen ist von Bedeutung, wie der Spiegel Online Artikel zurecht erwähnt, inwieweit sich die etablierten Firmen für diese neue Arbeitswelt öffnen werden. Vieles bewegt sich schon, und ich nehme an, dass wir schon bald noch mehr Konkretes sehen werden.

Object Orange for Coworking?

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Some people believe that an „Object Orange like strategy“ could yield more coworking spaces in the world. What do you think?

Technology and Design can be fun: A vision transcends a company

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Earlier we looked at the legacy of Steve Jobs. If you look at what the competition of Apple is doing you get an idea of the influence of him and his team. One very nice example of what this looks like is the brand new HTC Sensation XL. It is not just the apple design elements (slim & sleek, understatement with white and silver, pleasing to the eye and hand, combined with colour and reference to nature with the sun, instead of an apple ;-) which makes this smart phone look like an apple product. It is the way the phone is presented in the video below (top in German, but you do not need to understand what the guy is saying, just look at how the product is presented, below there is the English Version too) which shows: Technology and Design can be fun and pleasing. Thank you Apple and Steve Jobs!!!