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82 Coworking Groups on Meetup – Nearly 100 Groups on Waiting List

Veröffentlicht am 10. Januar 2011 von Felix Schürholz in Kategorie: CoWorking News International, CoWorking-Starter, CoWorking-Verzeichnis, European CoWorking Directory, List of Coworking Spaces | 2 Kommentare

On Friday we wondered how social networks could improve coworking. One of these networks we look at today is Meetup. We found 82 coworking groups there, with nearly 100 cities across the US, Europe, Asia etc. on a waiting list. In contrast, coworking offers on dedicated coworking sites in the same period of time seem to have attracted  more coworkers and produced considerably more coworking offers than Meetup. For the US we find about 250 coworking spaces in the coworking registry. In Europe the „European CoWorking Directory“ lists about 150 entries. (To date we do not know of any platforms dedicated to gathering coworking  data for Asia, South America, Australia and Africa. If you know any, please let us know.) Adding up the known coworking offers on the dedicated coworking platforms in the US and Europe we get about 400 coworking spaces in total which is five times as much as on Meetup. We are curious whether this ratio of  about 1 to 5 as an indicator for the influence of one social network on global coworking activity will stay the same in the course of the next year. We will keep you posted.