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Coworking Spaces: Distributors or Receivers of “Microwork”

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When you sit in a coworking space in the first world, you would rarely think of yourself as a member of a “Digital Factory” (where physical brains are the machines of a linear production process). Even less likely that you would be grateful for this compared to someone in a “Digital Factory” in Haiti carrying out a “Mircowork” job and thereby feeding their family and friends. Leila Janah and Samasource are already changing the lives of people in 6 countries. I think they are also changing our lives in the “first world”. It is time to understand that we are not living on an island. “Microwork” might come your way whether you like it or not. Create the world or the world will create you.

Trends in der Berichterstattung über Coworking in Deutschland und den USA

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Die Berichterstattung  ist in diesem Fall, Deutschland (Otto zieht es ins Betahaus, Spiegel Online bzw. Manager Magazin), wie so häufig, etwas distanziert. Man spürt, hier trifft eine etablierte Kultur auf etwas, was sie noch nicht greifen kann. Anders, als die Firma Regus, in den USA, mit ihrer Pressemitteilung vom 7. November 2011, wie der Artikel von Small Business Labs fundiert erläutert. Hier macht man sich einfach “das Neue” zu eigen, um selbst “Neu” zu erscheinen. Meiner Meinung nach ist Coworking jedoch weder hier, noch dort, im Mainstream wirklich angekommen. Dies hat weniger mit der Berichterstattung zu tun, die in den USA vielleicht grundsätzlich etwas offener und optimistischer ist, als bei uns. Vielmehr sind die Produkte und Dienstleistungen der Coworker für den Mainstream bisher nicht sichtbar. Zum anderen ist von Bedeutung, wie der Spiegel Online Artikel zurecht erwähnt, inwieweit sich die etablierten Firmen für diese neue Arbeitswelt öffnen werden. Vieles bewegt sich schon, und ich nehme an, dass wir schon bald noch mehr Konkretes sehen werden.

Object Orange for Coworking?

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Some people believe that an “Object Orange like strategy” could yield more coworking spaces in the world. What do you think?

Steve Jobs made computers fun and cool and thereby made coworking possible

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I believe there is a strong connection and interdependence between coworking and the way Apple made the use of computers fun, aesthetic and user-oriented. When you go into a coworking space you do not want an explanation how things are done. You expect to start straight away without a manual. Follow your intuition and curiosity then things just start rolling. Many coworking spaces are successfully applying this recipe and I believe that it is not a coincidence that many of these people use a computer that was inspired and developed by Steve Jobs and his colleagues. Put your heart or an “Apple” ;-) in your work and things just start to flow. Collaboration needs a sense for and attention to detail, it needs the heart of everyone involved and it needs to be fun. Steve Jobs showed how this could be the foundation of the most successful technology company today. There is a lot we can learn from Steve Jobs and his partners. Stay hungry and foolish, Jobs advised the Stanford Students in 2005 in his famous speech. He could have added, collaborate in a way that is fun and productive. Of course he would have had a coworking space in mind based on the principles and visions that kept him going even in the face of a fatal disease. Thank You Steve Jobs!!! Coworking would not have come about without your visions and products.

Coworking and Work-Life Balance

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One of the great things when you come back from a holiday is that you are more sensitive and more observant concerning your daily life and routines. Now is a great chance to change and improve small and big aspects in your work and life balance. If you happen to work in a company there is usually very little scope and opportunity for larger changes. If on the other hand you work at home or in a coworking space the largest limiting factor is usually you and your routines. What would you like to change, which aspect of your work-life balance needs more attention?