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How Coworking can get massive inspiration from the success of Linux and Wikipedia

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Many people regard Linux today as the most successful operating system in the world. Just a few facts: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Ebay etc. run their systems on Linux. 90% of today’s 500 fastest supercomputers run some variant of Linux, including the 10 fastest. That is what I call a success story!!! And the special thing about Linux: It is free and open source! But Linux does not stop there. You will find Linux in new televisions, in car entertainment systems and in telephones. This month saw the premiere of the Ubuntu Smart Phone Operating System at CES in Las Vegas. And Ubuntu (you guessed it) is based on Linux and it stands for: „the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity“. And of course this is what Linux, Wikipedia and Coworking are all about!

Coworking: In what area do we want to get better next year? (Part 2): Free Coworking

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Since our start of CoWorking News in June 2009, we have published in total 540 articles on Coworking. Since I predicted the increase of Free Coworking at the beginning of 2012, we dedicated 50 articles to „free coworking“. As one of many indicators on the growth of coworking and free coworking have a look at the two google trend graphs above.

Coworking: In what area do we want to get better next year? (Part 1)

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workbox places hamburg
Slowly, slowly the year is drawing to an end. Time to look at what we have achieved this year and where we want to get better next year. We like to invite all coworking spaces and coworkers in a short series of articles to share with us their personal achievements of 2012 and to look ahead at their goals for 2013. As a little inspiration we like to present to you a new coworking space in Hamburg (places hamburg) which doubles as a coworking space and event location. It is particularly strong on interior design ideas. Well have a look for yourself.

Loosecubes supports Free Coworking with „Summer Coworking Challenge“

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Free Coworking is spreading more and more. Starting today until the 4th of July 2012 every coworking space on loosecubes is offering at least one free desk during the whole period of the so called „Summer Coworking Challenge“. For more information on the challenge please refer to the loosecubes site.

For more information on the „Free Coworking Movement“ please refer to our resource page. Spread the word for free coworking!


Protokolle der Coworking Treffen in Süddeutschland und NRW

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Zur besseren Kommunikation und effektiven Vernetzung möchte ich gerne auf die Protokolle der beiden Coworking Treffen aufmerksam machen, die am 5. bzw. 12 Mai 2012 in Düsseldorf bzw. Stuttgart stattfanden. Die Redaktion der CoWorking News freut sich sehr, dass diese Meetings, die wir damals (2009) in Meiningen gestartet haben, jetzt regional und regelmäßig stattfinden.

Für Interessierte, die nächsten Treffen in NRW sollen an folgenden Daten und Orten stattfinden: 18.08.2012 in Wuppertal (Utopiastadt), 08.12.2012 in Münster (produktivhaus), 16.03.2013 in Köln (Solution Space), 15.06.2013 in Düsseldorf (GarageBilk), siehe auch „Open International CoWorking Calendar„.