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Protokolle der Coworking Treffen in Süddeutschland und NRW

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Zur besseren Kommunikation und effektiven Vernetzung möchte ich gerne auf die Protokolle der beiden Coworking Treffen aufmerksam machen, die am 5. bzw. 12 Mai 2012 in Düsseldorf bzw. Stuttgart stattfanden. Die Redaktion der CoWorking News freut sich sehr, dass diese Meetings, die wir damals (2009) in Meiningen gestartet haben, jetzt regional und regelmäßig stattfinden.

Für Interessierte, die nächsten Treffen in NRW sollen an folgenden Daten und Orten stattfinden: 18.08.2012 in Wuppertal (Utopiastadt), 08.12.2012 in Münster (produktivhaus), 16.03.2013 in Köln (Solution Space), 15.06.2013 in Düsseldorf (GarageBilk), siehe auch „Open International CoWorking Calendar„.

Support „Work Free“ at Willesden Green Library Lab. London, UK

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Gaynor Pates , Free Coworking Starter (see Free Coworking Directory) wants to offer a combination of coworking and creche for free. It is called „Work Free“. The idea is „to enable parents and children to benefit from this growing and progressive trend“ [of coworking]. „Work Free exists not just to build a business, but to make a difference to parents by enabling them to learn from, and connect with others that can help them achieve a better balance between work and family.“ Please support her survey, if you are a „PARENT (or expecting!) of one or more children aged 0-4, you feel that your CHILDCARE arrangements could be IMPROVED if you had more time / money / flexibility, and you live in the UK!“ Thx!!!

Transition from „Paid Coworking“ to „Free Coworking“ (Part1): Sponsored Coworking

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There are many ways in which free coworking is going to come about. One very important strand of development will be the transition of many paid coworking spaces that offer free coworking alongside paid coworking. One very interesting tool to do that is „sponsored coworking“ or „grants for some coworkers“. To decide which coworker or coworking team deserves to be sponsored or to receive a grant you can use something like a business plan competition or any other tool you see fit. A current example is „Coworking Rochester“ in NY/USA. As part of the upcoming start up weekend, they offer 3 months of free coworking for the top three teams. If you already operate a sponsored free coworking or intend to do so, please add your details to the „Free Coworking Directory“ (Input, Output).

Free Coworking: Let us talk about „barriers to entry“

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When I predicted in January, a little more than three months ago, that we would see a „marked increase in „Free Coworking“ … offers“ this year, I could not imagine how quickly this would happen. Of course we did not just sit back and see what would happen, we actively promoted the idea of „Free Coworking“ with various tools and initiatives (see Free Coworking resource page). Now a little more than 100 days later I read that Anthony Marinos wrote in the Coworking Google Group that Loosecubes has for New York (USA) now „approximately 50%“ of free spaces in their portfolio. Visiting the site, I can confirm that 36 of 77 offers for New York have a „$0 USD/d“  price tag. That is what I call a fast evolution!!!

Shareable.net features case for free coworking

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Thank you very much Beth Buczynski and Shareable.net for presenting the article „Felix Schürholz Makes The Case For Free Coworking„!!! We are very happy that free coworking is receiving growing attention and that is helps to strengthen the coworking core values of: collaboration, openness, community, accessibility, and sustainability. Commenting on the article Alex Hillman from Indyhall in Philadelphia made this point, which I very much share.