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CoWorking News turns 7 today!!! Collaboration and innovation, not just real estate, is key for Coworking!!!

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At our 6th birthday last year, we looked ahead to 2040. This year, we like to look back and analyse what happened in the last seven years in the coworking movement, our economy and the coworking industry in particular, to get an idea of what may lie ahead.

This article is inspired by the article of Ramon Suarez (published yesterday) with the title „The Coworking Hockey Stick„. At the end of his article, Ramon suggests that „there’s a wealth of other information in Google Trends about coworking: go check it out!“, so we did.

Coworking Evolution: Coworking goes „Free Coworking“

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Yes it is true. Coworking is going to evolve into „Free Coworking“. I predict that within the coming year you will see a marked increase in „Free Coworking“ offers. What do I mean by „Free Coworking“?  „Free Coworking“ means that as a coworking space user you do not pay for the use of the desk, chair etc. How is that possible? Someone else is going to pay :-) !!! Why would anyone want to pay for your coworking space usage? Because „this someone else“ is benefiting from your work. This might be a customer or client, a member of your project team, an organisation, a small or large cooperation, a foundation, the state – in short „Financial Capital“ will pay the bill.

Trends in der Berichterstattung über Coworking in Deutschland und den USA

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Die Berichterstattung  ist in diesem Fall, Deutschland (Otto zieht es ins Betahaus, Spiegel Online bzw. Manager Magazin), wie so häufig, etwas distanziert. Man spürt, hier trifft eine etablierte Kultur auf etwas, was sie noch nicht greifen kann. Anders, als die Firma Regus, in den USA, mit ihrer Pressemitteilung vom 7. November 2011, wie der Artikel von Small Business Labs fundiert erläutert. Hier macht man sich einfach „das Neue“ zu eigen, um selbst „Neu“ zu erscheinen. Meiner Meinung nach ist Coworking jedoch weder hier, noch dort, im Mainstream wirklich angekommen. Dies hat weniger mit der Berichterstattung zu tun, die in den USA vielleicht grundsätzlich etwas offener und optimistischer ist, als bei uns. Vielmehr sind die Produkte und Dienstleistungen der Coworker für den Mainstream bisher nicht sichtbar. Zum anderen ist von Bedeutung, wie der Spiegel Online Artikel zurecht erwähnt, inwieweit sich die etablierten Firmen für diese neue Arbeitswelt öffnen werden. Vieles bewegt sich schon, und ich nehme an, dass wir schon bald noch mehr Konkretes sehen werden.

New Series: Creative Environments for Coworking

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As a change agent for creativity and coworking I believe it is time to take coworking to the next level. As their are some spaces that are very beautiful and inspire creativity, there are some that are happy to offer not much more than a chair and a desk. Sitting and writing is very important, but there is a lot more required to enable a coworking space to be creative as a whole. In this series I like to look at all aspects that foster individual as well as group creativity in a coworking space. When people think of creativity very often they think of colours or a colourful environment. Colours are very important as they provoke an emotional response. We need to be in tune with our emotions when we want to be creative as individuals. More importantly we need to be aware of our emotions if we want to relate to and create successfully with our coworkers. The wider the ranger of colours in our environment, the wider the range of emotional responses. Natural colours and natural materials usually offer a wider range of tones or colour shades than artificial ones.

Coworking and Work-Life Balance

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One of the great things when you come back from a holiday is that you are more sensitive and more observant concerning your daily life and routines. Now is a great chance to change and improve small and big aspects in your work and life balance. If you happen to work in a company there is usually very little scope and opportunity for larger changes. If on the other hand you work at home or in a coworking space the largest limiting factor is usually you and your routines. What would you like to change, which aspect of your work-life balance needs more attention?