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Coworking Spaces could be places of „Ecstasy“ and „Flow“

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Following the great article by Cat Johnson for Shareable yesterday, on the global update of the Free Coworking Movement, I like to present and  expand on the subject of the “Certified/Registered Free Coworker” Programme mentioned there.

Cat Johnson interviewed leaders of the Free Coworking movement for „Shareable“

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Two years after Beth Buczynski´s article where she interviewed me on Free Coworking, Cat Johnson was interested to know how the Free Coworking movement has developed since April, 3rd 2012. She interviewed the people that have really made a mark for Free Coworking: Lori Kane (from Collective Self in Seattle), Derek Neighbors (Co-founder of Gangplank in Arizona), Ronald van den Hoff (Co-founder of Seats2meet) and myself, Felix Schürholz (Editor CoWorking News).

New forms of Free Coworking: Free Houses and Free Rides to Writers

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Working in a different environment for free because this environment is benefiting from your output are both elements of these two new free offers for writers that we published in Daily Free Coworking News on the 17th and 23rd of February 2014 respectively.

If you missed them, check them out now.

Calling All Writers: Move to Detroit, And Get A Free House: In hopes of building a literary scene in the downtrodden city, a new nonprofit aims to rebuild vacant homes and just give them away. Can’t get better than free.“ (from fastcoexist.com)

Free Coworking ab 15. Februar 2014 im Dezernat 16 in Heidelberg

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Frank Zumbruch schrieb:

„Seit Juni 2013 läuft das Kreativwirtschaftszentrum „Dezernat 16“ in der alten Feuerwache Heidelberg nach einer halbjährigen Beta-Phase im Regelbetrieb.

Seit einigen Monaten bereiten wir dort einen Coworking Space vor, der zunächst für maximal 12 Wissensarbeiter Platz zum co-kreativen Arbeiten bieten wird.

Ab 15. Februar starten wir ein Pre-Beta-Phase, in der wir den Betrieb kostenlos testen möchten.Neben dem Arbeitsraum (120 qm) bieten wir einen Konferenz- und einen Cocreation-Raum (je 25 qm).

Coworking Evolution: Join the change and others will follow…

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Personal change and coworking evolution does not happen by itself.


Gandhi, 1944.Source : Wikimedia Commons

Social and Economic Change requires „personal and social transformation to go hand in hand“. You are more successful, when you decide to join with others to walk this path of (coworking) evolution . The great Mahatma Gandhi puts it as follows:“ If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.“ (If you happen to have registered Gandhi´s words differently check this interesting New York Times article about „We need to be the change we wish to see in the world.“)