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Coworking needs more transparency and openness: No details available regarding Loosecubes shut down

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Many of you might have read that „Loosecubes“ has shut down on Friday 16th of November 2012. I tried to contact Loosecubes for an explanation but did not get an answer. Venturebeat and techcrunch had similar responses. Now there is wide speculation why a company that allegedly raised a substantial amount of money in the last couple of months has closed.

„Espresso Coworking“ National unConference on Coworking in Italy in September 2012

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We are very happy to announce and support the first National unConference on Coworking and Work in Alessandria Italy on the 22/23 of September 2012. The organizers have invited more than 30 speakers for the two day event. If you register by tomorrow (31st of August 2012), you can still benefit from a 25% registration discount.

For more events on Coworking please refer to the „Open International Coworking Calendar„.

Coworking Conference Tokyo 2012 pictures on Flickr

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A very lively and well organized Coworking Conference in Tokyo took place last week. Coworking in Japan is growing at a fast rate and the pictures on Flickr are a very good indicator for the potential and vibrant energy of Japanese Coworking. Congratulations to everybody who made this happen!!!

Today we celebrate 3 years of „CoWorking News“: Join us in the celebration by spreading the good news

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This is article number 522 and we are still hungry for more ;-) Talking about food, we hope we have give you a lot of „food for thought“ on coworking, and we like to continue to do so. This is not so much about our blog, but about what we can achieve together. That is why we like to talk about what you do,  your coworking spaces and your projects!!! On this special day, our 3rd birthday, we like to share „Incredible Edible“ with you, which has also been going for three years. We love the project and the people!!! There is so much in this project that the coworking community can use and develop!!! Enjoy the video and be inspired!!!

freiarbeiter.com wird Sponsor von CoWorking News

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Wir freuen uns sehr neben unserem langjährigen Partner CLUBOFFICE einen weiteren Sponsor mit freiarbeiter.com für die Berichterstattung über Coworking gewinnen zu können. Das Unternehmen aus Karlsruhe bietet Kunden in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz Unterstützung durch sogenannte virtuelle persönliche Assistenten (VPAs). Diese VPAs oder „freiarbeiter“ arbeiten zum Beispiel von Zuhause oder in einem Coworking Space. Wir glauben, dass dieses Angebot nicht nur für viele Unternehmen sehr interessant ist, sondern auch Coworkern neue Umsatzmöglichkeiten und Einsatzgebiete liefert.