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New Processes & Tools for Coworkers: „Decision Timing – Self-initiated and proactive decision making“

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Language and concepts are very important and instrumental in the way we think and act in this world!

Analyzing our language and its use therefore yields very interesting insights about ourselves and our actions, particularly in the context of decision making.

Current state of decision making:

Last week I started this analysis in a German article „Fremdwort “Entscheidungsterminierung” – Lektion 1 aus “Decision Timing” Buch“ which can roughly be translated as „Alien concept „Decision Scheduling“  – Lesson 1 from „Decision Timing“ book„.

Founder of CoWorking News publishes new book on „Decision Timing“

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The three founders of CoWorking News, Alexander Greisle, Florian Rustler and Felix Schürholz have now published 4 books in total on Amazon.

The first in 2011, was Florian with his book on Mind Mapping (German Edition). Alexander followed in 2012 with his on Information Overload (German Edition). Florian went one up with his book on Thinking Tools (German Edition) in 2016.

Coworking XMAS Hymn: I need you, You need me

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Dear Coworking Community,

every year, in a continuously changing world, XMAS may ask us the question what part religion, faith, values and beliefs play in our daily lives.

Sharon Brous in her TED Talk in October 2016 „It’s time to reclaim religion“ tried to answer this question. She highlights four topics namely Wakefulness, Hope, Mightiness and Interconnectedness.

I believe these topics ring very true with the coworking community, that is why I like to share her talk with you.

CoWorking News turns 7 today!!! Collaboration and innovation, not just real estate, is key for Coworking!!!

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At our 6th birthday last year, we looked ahead to 2040. This year, we like to look back and analyse what happened in the last seven years in the coworking movement, our economy and the coworking industry in particular, to get an idea of what may lie ahead.

This article is inspired by the article of Ramon Suarez (published yesterday) with the title „The Coworking Hockey Stick„. At the end of his article, Ramon suggests that „there’s a wealth of other information in Google Trends about coworking: go check it out!“, so we did.

European CoWorking Directory: VillaForum (Herten/Roermond – The Netherlands)

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Welcome to a new coworking offer in a spacious villa in a small village near Roermond in the European CoWorking Directory. VillaForum invites you to enjoy the serene countryside of central Limburg in a work stay of 5 days and 4 nights, close to the German border.

Picture VillaForum

Picture VillaForum