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Happy New Year 2014 to all Coworkers from CoWorking News!!!

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After a long and beautiful holiday, we are back at work at CoWorking News. We hope you had a wonderful break as well and wish you a great 2014!!! May your projects develop, grow strongly and blossom like this oak sapling!!!

Zauber des Neuanfangs (Large)

Merry XMAS 2013 all Coworkers!!!

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Time to party and enjoy with coworkers, friends and family! Have a great holiday and hang loose!!! Greetings from all the CoWorking News Contributors, Your Felix Schürholz

Musical Coworking Video (Excuse the Ad at the end)


A party classic ;-)

Have fun :-)

Coworking Evolution: Join the change and others will follow…

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Personal change and coworking evolution does not happen by itself.


Gandhi, 1944.Source : Wikimedia Commons

Social and Economic Change requires „personal and social transformation to go hand in hand“. You are more successful, when you decide to join with others to walk this path of (coworking) evolution . The great Mahatma Gandhi puts it as follows:“ If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.“ (If you happen to have registered Gandhi´s words differently check this interesting New York Times article about „We need to be the change we wish to see in the world.“)

Free Coworking Space now Open in London!

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At BAR Gallery, Unit 4-5, 1-12 Queens Parade, NW2 5HW London, United Kingdom you will now find „A perfect place to work, meet & network!“ More info at Brent Artists Resource or below:

„BAR Gallery is excited to introduce a unique and comfortable co-working space for individuals and groups to work, study, meet and network! There is dedicated desk space, plus free Internet access, a limited number of laptops for use, and a notice board to share skills and information, all available in a warm and creative environment! To use this co-working space you will need to register for your free membership card.
For more details email: info@brentartistsresource.org.uk , Open Wed–Sat 10:30am–6pm, plus evening events and late hire“

New Entry in European CoWorking Directory: Club Workspace in London

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With currently five locations in London, we are very happy to welcome Club Workspace in the European CoWorking Directory:

Please briefly introduce yourself and briefly describe your co-working space. How did your space come about, how long is your space in operation now? What was the basic idea?

Club Workspace is a fast-growing network of creative co-working business clubs, with five exclusive locations across London. The concept is an extension of our popular Workspace property portfolio, creating a flexible working environment where small businesses owners can collaborate with other members or form new business relationships within the capital.