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Coworking in Europe: Spain

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Looking at the number of coworking spaces for each country in the „European CoWorking Directory“ it becomes apparent that Spain is contributing a major part. But it is not just about numbers. More importantly it is about content, community and vision. In that respect Spain and its coworking spaces are doing a great job for coworking in Europe.  Therefore I am very happy to recommend to you the talk that was given by Manuel Zea from Working Space (Madrid) at Coworking Europe in November. Thank you very much for this brilliant talk and your analysis Manuel Zea and all the best for coworking in Spain!!!

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Coworking space „fact sheet“: AMWorks in Dublin

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When we started the „German CoWorking Directory“ last year, we found it very useful to give every coworking space the opportunity to present themselves with a coworking space „fact sheet“ (Steckbrief). Using a standardized format, the „fact sheet“ is intended to give users a  quick insight of what they need to know about a space they might like to join or visit. The „fact sheet“ is also a good way of communicating „best practices“ and „lessons learnt“ for every coworking space operator. We hope many spaces of the „European  CoWorking Directory“ will also make use of this opportunity. First  off the mark is AMWorks coworking space in Dublin.

CoWorking News presents „European CoWorking Directory“

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In support of the first “Coworking Europe” conference that took place last week in Brussels (Belgium), the editor and authors of CoWorking News based in Munich (Germany) are very happy  to present today the  “European CoWorking Directory” . Currently the directory leads to 136 coworking spaces in 23 countries.  The directory is by no means complete yet. As we hope, it will constantly grow. Please let us know if we did not list your coworking space yet.