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„Free Coworking“ grows through „Co-Developing“

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Thanks to the sharing of Pavel Binar and Bert-Ola Bergstrand I can present today the wonderful talk and plea for „Co-Development“ by Charles Leadbeater on TED. Leadbeater´s arguments for consumer driven innovation are extremely powerful and very relevant to a movement like „Free Coworking„. Only by experiment, trial and error, enough people collaborating will Coworking and „Free Coworking“ evolve. Join the movement, join the development :)

„Free Coworking“ explained (Part1): Applied Teamwork

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To clarify some points about „Free Coworking“ we start this series: „Free Coworking“ explained. Today I like to look at one of the most important aspects for „Free Coworking“ to become widespread and sustainable. Number One: Without „Applied Teamwork“ or „Collaboration“ there is no „Free Coworking“. In my introduction to „Free Coworking“ on the 6th of January I stressed the importance of Social Capital to attract Financial Capital to finance „Free Coworking“. This process requires that the community (Social Capital) not only exists in terms of grouped desks and chairs, but in terms of real collaboration and real common projects. It is not only the openness to collaborate, that is required, but real projects and the project experience that is gained from these projects. Without real projects, there is no real interaction. Without real interaction, there is no Social Capital. Enjoy the video below which illustrates „practical“ cooperation and „applied teamwork“ in an unusual setting :-)))

Tomorrow „11 o´clock community challenge“ in UTC+4 (Abu Dhabi, Moscow)

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A global event like the currently running Jellyweek requires a completely new focus for everyone involved. If you want to communicate and cooperate with someone in a different place on this planet, you have to consider that this person is probably living and working in a different time zone to yourself. If you live in Europe and you start to work with someone in the US this is not too difficult. You check the time zone and find that New York has 6 hours difference and you adjust your time table accordingly. But this is only one „relationship“ and only one „time difference“ you have to consider. With a global event where about 200 partners are trying to co-operate who are spread across all time zones this is much more tricky.

„Free Coworking“: It is free?! Yes, it is really free!!!

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We live in a very paradoxical world. We want most things for free: free internet, free music, free films. If it can be reproduced easily or it is digital, of course we want it for free. When it comes to collaboration a lot of people suddenly hesitate. Collaboration for free? No, that is not possible. Why is that? We are so used to being manipulated by nearly everything that is part of our daily life including ourselves that it takes a real effort to become free. Free of our outdated experiences? Just think, when it comes to expectations people have of you?  How free you are? I like to show the video of the crowd starting dancer again:

„Free Coworking“ Group starts „11 o´clock community challenge“

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Free Coworking“ needs a critical mass of Social Capital to attract Financial Capital. This is true on a local, as well as on a global scale. For „Free Coworking“ to operate on a global scale we need at least 10,000 committed activists which I think is worth about 15.000.000 € in Social Capital. In the first three days of our campaign we already gathered in excess of 100.000 € in Social Capital. For everybody to see and experience what a great value this already represents I like to launch the „11 o´clock community challenge“. The idea is simple. Every working day (Monday to Friday) someone puts out a „community challenge“ for 11 o´clock their local time. During the following hour everybody in the group provided, they are awake, free etc. takes a look at the challenge. It should not need more than 2 to 3 Minutes for every person to respond during this hour from 11 to 12 AM. In these 2 to 3 Minutes everybody can share their knowledge, experiences, likes, evaluation, creative input etc. concerning this daily challenge.