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„Capital C“ Film über Crowdfunding startet am 24. September in Deutschland in den Kinos

Veröffentlicht am 21. September 2015 von Felix Schürholz in Kategorie: CoWorking Basics, Konzeptionelles, Crowdsourcing, Feuilleton, Fun, Satire, Finanzierung, Funding, Praxisberichte, Beispiele, Best-Practice, Videos | Kommentieren »

Heute waren wir auf dem Münchner Preview des Films  „Capital C„, der damit wirbt „Der weltweit erste Kino-Dokumentarfilm zum Thema Crowdfunding!“ zu sein. Der Film ist äußerst inspirierend, humorvoll und unterhaltsam.

Dem Nürnberger Regisseur Jørg Kundinger, der auch heute in München anwesend war, ist zusammen mit seinem Co-Regisseur Timon Birkhofer ein visuell sehr ansprechender und emotionaler Film gelungen, der weit über das Thema Crowdfunding hinausgeht.

Insgesamt soll der Film in 15 Kinos laufen, den Anfang machen Hamburg, Köln und München.

Free Coworking financed by Crowdfunding

Veröffentlicht am 1. Juli 2013 von Felix Schürholz in Kategorie: CoWorking News International, Crowdsourcing, Free Coworking Directory, Funding | Kommentieren »

Free Coworking project „CoWorking Verona“  is currently collecting money through crowdfunding. The campaign has just started and will run for another 27 days. We wish the project many supporters!!! If you like to start a free coworking project yourself, connect yourself with other projects like „CoWorking Verona“, join the Facebook Group Free Coworking, enter yourself on the Free Coworking Map as a „Free Coworking Starter“, so that other people in your area can find you, to get in touch with you and your project.  Please share your projects and experiences. Good luck to everybody!!!

„Free Coworking“: Reply to Jay Thomas (Coworking Space Operator)

Veröffentlicht am 9. Februar 2012 von Felix Schürholz in Kategorie: CoWorking Basics, Konzeptionelles, CoWorking Kultur, CoWorking News International, Funding, Meinung, Zitate | 6 Kommentare

First of all a big thank you to Jay for his great comment and very valuable points concerning the introduction of „Free Coworking“ in an already running coworking space!!! I am taking the unusual step to reply to his comment in a blog article, because I believe many people are interested to join the discussion.

„Free Coworking“ Group sets 15.000.000 € Social Capital as first target

Veröffentlicht am 8. Januar 2012 von Felix Schürholz in Kategorie: CoWorking Basics, Konzeptionelles, CoWorking News International, Entrepreneurship, kleine Unternehmen, Funding, Fundsachen, Gruppenprozesse | Kommentieren »

On day two, of the „Free Coworking“ Campaign, the Group has already doubled in size. If we could double the size of the group every day now, we would reach our first target in 14 days!!! Spread the word, join the group!!! Many of you might ask themselves what we might do with all this Social Capital? For one, we could „put“ ;-) it into a „Timebank“ (see Mira Luna´s article on Shareable) or we put it to work for the growth of Coworking and Coworking Infrastructure. Become an activist for „Free Coworking“ and build „Free Coworking“ (link to follow ;-)) with us!

SOCAP/Europe in May, SOCAP12 in October 2012

Veröffentlicht am 4. Januar 2012 von Felix Schürholz in Kategorie: CoWorking Calendar, CoWorking Events, CoWorking News International, Funding, Videos | Kommentieren »

SOCAP (Social Capital Markets) has announced the dates for two of their major events this year: SOCAP/Europe in Malmö (Sweden) will take place 8th to 10th of May and SOCAP12 in San Francisco (CA) will take place 1st to 4th of October 2012.  To get a good idea about these events see the video below. For further events check „Open International CoWorking Calendar„.

Meet SOCAP & Hub Bay Area from SOCAP Markets on Vimeo.

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