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How to support a documentary film on kickstarter

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Film is a very powerful medium to communicate. Whether it is an emotional, spiritual or other subject. Coworking can use this medium in a very effective way as I showed with some examples before. I have personally gathered footage which I like use for a feature film documentary about coworking. I am inviting other film-makers to contribute their ideas and material to really make this a coworking project. For inspiration and support I like to present the current kickstarter campaign for the documentary film „My Reincarnation„. The film was shot over a twenty year period. I think we could do it for the coworking film over maybe a period of seven years.  If you are interested to participate please contact me. Feel free to support the above kickstarter campaign for the theatrical release of „My Reincarnation“ in the USA and elsewhere.

Jetzt Coworking in Leipzig unterstützen: Studio Delta braucht Tische und Stühle

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Wie dem „Open International CoWorking Calendar“ Eintrag am 23. April 2011 zu entnehmen, sind es ab heute noch 10 Tage bis zum Ende des Visionbakery Funding Projekts des Studio Delta. Ein Unterstützer hat bereits 70€ zugesagt und es werden noch 825€ benötigt. Wenn jetzt jeden Tag eine(r) eine ähnliche Summe zusagen würde, wäre das Ziel erreicht. An alle Coworking Interessierte in Leipzig: Jetzt unterstützen!!!

Only 1 Day until the Start of the “Open International CoWorking Calendar”

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The major focus of the „Open International CoWorking Calendar“ is to list events relating to coworking.  Developing our vision a little further the calendar should also help to strengthen the coworking community in general. The first evolution of doing this is by communicating major milestones for coworking spaces like openings and anniversaries. Another stage can be financing milestones relating to crowd funding. We are therefore happy to support Coworking in Leipzig by listing the end of their funding period on the 23rd of April 2011 on the German visionbakery crowdfunding platform.

„Awesome Foundation“ and „Kickstarter“ get your project implemented

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Yesterday I presented the „Awesome Foundation„. If you have a “crazy brilliant idea” there is a good chance they will reward you with  $1,000 to start your project. As $1,000 will not get you very far in most cases you will need additional funding. One of these additional sources could be „Kickstarter“ that we also presented before. Now here is a project that used both of these sources successfully: „Scarf-a-day„. On the 27th of December 2010, Meredith Scheff was awarded the $1,000 by the „Awesome Foundation„. As she found the need for additional funding she also set up a Kickstarter project on the 1st of January 2011 for another $1,000. There she wrote : „This project is the recipient of an Awesome Foundation grant, but I need help to really pull this off with style.“ And she did!!! At Kickstarter she raised $1,538 in 7 days. With more than $2,500 she produced the 31 scarves she set out for. At her blog, you can have a look at all of them with some background information. This is the one I like best :-) Enjoy and get inspired!!!

Awesome Foundation: Let us excel!!!

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If you find something awesome, like the „Awesome Foundation“ it is a tough call to excel on it. Some might ask why should you anyway? Well, I would say because it is worth it. If we are happy with the things we have achieved, we get complacent and stop innovating. What an awesome idea to support „crazy brilliant idea(s)“ with  $1,000 each and no strings attached. When you look at the website you can see that this is great fun!!! While the members of „Awesome Foundation“ are happy to sponsor the universe by $1,000 at a time, I wonder whether the universe is able to return this favour. Here is the point where evolution or innovation is possible. Maybe in many cases $1,000 will not be enough to implement these „crazy brilliant idea(s)“.  What happens in that case? What does the universe think about this? Well, I think awesome ideas, need awesome funding. What about a feedback loop in the system? If recipients of „Awesome Foundation grants“ could or would return to the chapters to report on the progress of the implementation of their idea, there would be a much bigger chance that the projects would inspire by their existence and not by their potentiality of existence alone.  For your clarification: Awesome projects, according to the „Awesome Foundation“ are „not strictly defined, but tend to challenge and expand our understanding of our individual and communal potentials. They bring communities together, casting aside social inhibitions and boundaries for a moment. They spark an instant of joy and delight and inspire a long-term hope for a more awesome future.“