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Fun Products by and for Coworkers (today): 17 DIY Office Hacks and more

Veröffentlicht am 12. Mai 2014 von Felix Schürholz in Kategorie: CoWorking Klatsch & Tratsch, CoWorking News International, Innovative Produkte, Kreativität | Kommentieren »

Following the Smart Phone Projector, we like to draw your attention to the 17 DIY Office Hacks on Mashable.

More ideas maybe here in this video:


Do you know of similar fun and/or useful products for or by coworkers. Please comment or mail toredaktion@coworking-news.de

Coworking Spaces could be places of „Ecstasy“ and „Flow“

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Following the great article by Cat Johnson for Shareable yesterday, on the global update of the Free Coworking Movement, I like to present and  expand on the subject of the “Certified/Registered Free Coworker” Programme mentioned there.

Development and Feedback on „Free Coworking“ Skill Sharing Tool

Veröffentlicht am 1. Februar 2012 von Felix Schürholz in Kategorie: CoWorking News International, Crowdsourcing, Kreativität, Services und Unterstützung | 1 Kommentar »

The output and development of the „Free Coworking“ Skill Sharing Tool already proves to be something very beneficial and productive. Yesterday Willi Schroll and I collaborated to improve on the Facebook Document and the Piratepad initially launched. We currently have a GoogleDocs solution with an input page and an output page. We like to invite your feedback to the current solution and ideas & suggestions for further development.

„Free Coworking“ grows through „Co-Developing“

Veröffentlicht am 28. Januar 2012 von Felix Schürholz in Kategorie: CoWorking Basics, Konzeptionelles, CoWorking Kultur, CoWorking News International, Crowdsourcing, Fundsachen, Gruppenprozesse, Kreativität, Videos | 1 Kommentar »

Thanks to the sharing of Pavel Binar and Bert-Ola Bergstrand I can present today the wonderful talk and plea for „Co-Development“ by Charles Leadbeater on TED. Leadbeater´s arguments for consumer driven innovation are extremely powerful and very relevant to a movement like „Free Coworking„. Only by experiment, trial and error, enough people collaborating will Coworking and „Free Coworking“ evolve. Join the movement, join the development :)

„Free Coworking“ Group gets a new logo

Veröffentlicht am 26. Januar 2012 von Felix Schürholz in Kategorie: CoWorking Kultur, CoWorking News International, Gruppenprozesse, Kreativität | Kommentieren »

To give the „Free Coworking“ Movement a clear identity and face we have developed a new logo. By means of co-creation within our Facebook Group we have now come up with a new logo. With contributions from Gunasekar C Rajaratnam, Sidi Benmoh, Loo Robert and Mark Goldsworthy we had excellent ideas and wonderful logos! The creative contributors and the other members of the group that got involved voted finally for the logo of Mark Goldsworthy. Congratulations to the „winner“ and a huge thank you for everybody who made this possible! I hope every present and future activist for „Free Coworking“ can identify with the logo and is happy to use it. Please comment!