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„Free Coworking“ Group gets a new logo

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To give the „Free Coworking“ Movement a clear identity and face we have developed a new logo. By means of co-creation within our Facebook Group we have now come up with a new logo. With contributions from Gunasekar C Rajaratnam, Sidi Benmoh, Loo Robert and Mark Goldsworthy we had excellent ideas and wonderful logos! The creative contributors and the other members of the group that got involved voted finally for the logo of Mark Goldsworthy. Congratulations to the „winner“ and a huge thank you for everybody who made this possible! I hope every present and future activist for „Free Coworking“ can identify with the logo and is happy to use it. Please comment!

Coworking Song through „Crowd Accelerated Innovation“

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To illustrate and develop the idea of „Crowd Accelerated Innovation„, I will present partly for entertainment, certainly for fun and inspiration a song in several versions (see next couple of days) that certainly has got the potential to become  a Coworking Song. For the gifted songwriters among us, maybe someone likes to offer a „coworking related text“ ;-) to sing along with. Today the „series“ starts with this unplugged version of „If a song could get me you“ by Marit Larsen

Join our „Waste becomes Resource“ campaign on CoWorking News

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In July 2010, we were fascinated by the project „Plastiki„. A boat made out of 12,500 plastic bottles to make a change. The idea was to draw the attention to the plastic waste in our oceans.  The project received wide attention ( Oprah, NYTimes etc.)  and represents a benchmark in terms of creativity, team spirit and publicity factor for a good cause.  This week we found the story of the „Philippine solar light bottles that offer hope„.  A concept originally credited to the Brazilian Alfredo Moser.

Technology and Design can be fun: A vision transcends a company

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Earlier we looked at the legacy of Steve Jobs. If you look at what the competition of Apple is doing you get an idea of the influence of him and his team. One very nice example of what this looks like is the brand new HTC Sensation XL. It is not just the apple design elements (slim & sleek, understatement with white and silver, pleasing to the eye and hand, combined with colour and reference to nature with the sun, instead of an apple ;-) which makes this smart phone look like an apple product. It is the way the phone is presented in the video below (top in German, but you do not need to understand what the guy is saying, just look at how the product is presented, below there is the English Version too) which shows: Technology and Design can be fun and pleasing. Thank you Apple and Steve Jobs!!!

Coworking Spaces could be Centers for Innovation

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Hub Brussels supports the drive to make coworking spaces centers for innovation (see video below). I believe this idea is very important! I invite Hub Brussels and everyone interested in the subject to contact me at „Creativity-Manager.com“ to further this cause.