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“Waste becomes Resource” Campaign on CoWorking News: Christmas gifts

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Giving is an art form. I believe a very good present would always have some element of surprise and individual touch. Individual touch as an expression of the giver and individual touch in recognizing the uniqueness of the person you give to. If you put some special effort into it, you will even succeed in transforming what many people would consider as waste into a beautiful present. What is the favourite product of  the person you like? Maybe the packaging would be the right basis for the present. (see video below for instructions)

„Waste becomes Resource“ Campaign on CoWorking News: Electronic Equipment

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The idea is very simple „Sell or Recycle Your Electronics Today“. What is closest to most coworkers, their electronic equipment. Mobile Phone, Laptop, PC, Tablet, MP3 Payer etc. The company YouRenew.com one of the starters in „America’s Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs“ is specialized in this field: „Everyday, thousands of people buy and sell electronics. But sooner or later, that new cell phone, mp3 player or other gadget becomes outdated. Unfortunately, there aren’t many places where you can recycle electronics easily, which results in too many electronics ending up in landfills. We’re here to change that. We’re on a mission to make the planet a better place and provide an easy way for you to “renew” electronics. We’ve taken away all the hassle associated with selling or recycling your old devices: no accounts, no credit cards, no fees, and no shipping costs for devices that have value. Electronics recycling has never been easier! YouRenew.com is the perfect place for you to recycle or sell used cell phones, mp3 players, graphing calculators, laptops, and tablets. If you can’t find your device in our catalogue or we can’t pay for it, you can always send it to us and we’ll recycle it safely. So look up your device today, go green and get green!“

Join our „Waste becomes Resource“ campaign on CoWorking News

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In July 2010, we were fascinated by the project „Plastiki„. A boat made out of 12,500 plastic bottles to make a change. The idea was to draw the attention to the plastic waste in our oceans.  The project received wide attention ( Oprah, NYTimes etc.)  and represents a benchmark in terms of creativity, team spirit and publicity factor for a good cause.  This week we found the story of the „Philippine solar light bottles that offer hope„.  A concept originally credited to the Brazilian Alfredo Moser.