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Fun Products by and for Coworkers (today): Smart Phone Projector

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This is fun and might be useful: The Smart Phone Projector

According to the website where you can purchase this special item the projector has the following features:

  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to collapse and reassembled
  • Projects a big screen and amplifies sound

The price is only £15.95, which seems a bargain for a film projector, but you might have to settle for “fun quality” rather than picture and sound quality.

Coworking Spaces could be places of “Ecstasy” and “Flow”

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Following the great article by Cat Johnson for Shareable yesterday, on the global update of the Free Coworking Movement, I like to present and  expand on the subject of the “Certified/Registered Free Coworker” Programme mentioned there.

Cat Johnson interviewed leaders of the Free Coworking movement for “Shareable”

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Two years after Beth Buczynski´s article where she interviewed me on Free Coworking, Cat Johnson was interested to know how the Free Coworking movement has developed since April, 3rd 2012. She interviewed the people that have really made a mark for Free Coworking: Lori Kane (from Collective Self in Seattle), Derek Neighbors (Co-founder of Gangplank in Arizona), Ronald van den Hoff (Co-founder of Seats2meet) and myself, Felix Schürholz (Editor CoWorking News).

New forms of Free Coworking: Free Houses and Free Rides to Writers

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Working in a different environment for free because this environment is benefiting from your output are both elements of these two new free offers for writers that we published in Daily Free Coworking News on the 17th and 23rd of February 2014 respectively.

If you missed them, check them out now.

Calling All Writers: Move to Detroit, And Get A Free House: In hopes of building a literary scene in the downtrodden city, a new nonprofit aims to rebuild vacant homes and just give them away. Can’t get better than free.” (from fastcoexist.com)

Steckbrief: Coworking Bonn

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Jetzt gibt es in Bonn (Südstadt) einen zentralen Coworking Space: Coworking Bonn

Bitte beschreibt Euch kurz. Wie kam es zu Coworking Bonn, was sind Eure Grundüberlegungen?

Wir sind im letzten Jahr selber auf der Suche nach einem Coworking Space in Bonn gewesen. In Zentrumsnähe gab es keine adäquate Möglichkeit, weswegen wir uns kurzerhand entschlossen haben unser eigenes Büro zu eröffnen.