Free Coworking Resources

● Initial Thoughts: Article from 6th of January 2012
● Facebook Group: “Free Coworking”
● Daily Free Coworking News: ”Free Coworking News
● “Certified/Registered Free Coworker” Programme:  Apply and register here

● Free Coworking Directory (1): Map
● Free Coworking Directory (2):  ”Input Form” + “Output Form” + “Help” + “CoWorking News Edition
Open International CoWorking Calendar: Lists your Free Coworking and Coworking Events
● Logo:Free Coworking” , “Development of Logo”
● Skill/Product Sharing Tool: Input Form + Output Form + Help & Development
● Free Coworking Events: “Open International CoWorking Calendar
● Article Search on CoWorking News: “Free Coworking
● Videos Relating to “Free Coworking”:  ”Co-Development“, ”Applied Teamwork, “Gangplank“, “Science and Practice of Cooperation“, “Parallel Thinking


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